anti-aging facial oil




This anti-aging facial oil is perfect for all skin types. It is without a doubt one of the most important things you can do for your health of your facial skin.

Leaves your skin perfectly moisturized, protected, and nourished.

Ingredients: organic jojoba, organic pomegranate seed oil, organic raspberry seed oil, organic grape seed oil, organic vitamin E oil, organic carrot seed oil, lavender essential oil, rose geranium essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, cypress essential oil, lemon essential oil, frankincense essential oil, myrrh essential oil, patchouli essential oil.

To use, apply a small amount to clean facial skin, and neck if desired, once or twice a day. It will be fully absorbed in a few minutes.

Comes in a light protected 1 oz glass bottle.

As with any new product, it is recommended to do a small patch test to ensure its compatibility with your skin.